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Our Story


The story of Burnsville and Yancey County is set in the gentle Blue Ridge Mountains of western NC. It takes place in the valley and on the Town Square, but goes beyond our beloved Main Street. The story is set on mountain slopes, in lush green pastures, along pristine rivers, in biodiverse forests, and among high peaks so majestic that the beauty is almost unfathomable. 


Our quintessential mountain community is quaint, charming, and friendly. The inspirational landscape that surrounds us is a part of daily life. Outsiders are curious when hearing of its wonders. Visitors are filled with awe as they connect with the people who live and work here. But to fully understand what Burnsville is now, one must first understand what it once was. 


The voice of the Blue Ridge is old. It speaks of a unity of people and place, past and present. “As old as the hills,” we say, and it’s probably the Blue Ridge Mountains we’re thinking of. Here we fostered the artifacts of mountain folk life: old quilts, old storytellers, old songs, old folk remedies, old cabins, and old barns. The people of today’s Yancey County inherit a kinship with each other and the land we love. We embrace the pillars our county that make the area a sought after destination for many: community, commerce, heritage, natural beauty, outdoor recreation, the arts, and the home of Mount Mitchell.

While we honor our past and the credibility it lends, we embrace the new and relevant southern Appalachia. We enjoy incomparable mountain living in an accessible location, with fiber broadband internet available to every home and business in rural Yancey County. With fast and reliable internet, remote worker solutions, free wi-fi locations, a pioneering spirit, and a welcoming attitude, our community is the ideal place to visit, work, or live. We welcome you to experience life here and create your own history in Burnsville and Yancey County. 

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